Hall*Comm Trust
Sports Camps Matched Funding Subsidies
Published January 10, 2019


Hall*Comm Trust is a charity that was established in 1996 to assist youths to attend a summer sports school or camp that is headed by certified professional “A” teachers. 
Last year (2018) Hall*Comm Trust donated over $26,000.00.

During 2019, Hall*Comm Trust will target its funding in support of youths who enroll in
YAS - Young Athlete Saskatchewan summer basketball camps.
An application for Hall*Comm Trust funding must be made by a parent, guardian
or other adult extended family member on behalf of their youth(s).

Application Process:

1.    Acquire a YAS 2019 Summer Basketball School brochure.  A YAS 2019 brochure can be viewed and downloaded from the YAS web site  www.yas.ca  or by email request to the YAS office at  info@yas.ca  Each brochure lists the weekly camps YAS will be holding in Regina and Saskatoon during July and August 2019.  

2.    Follow the instructions in the brochure to register for a YAS 2019 camp. 
PLEASE NOTE:  The camp fee is usually due in full at the time of registration, but not when bursary assistance is requested from Hall*Comm Trust.

3.    Immediately contact the YAS office (306) 242 - 2425 to inform the YAS registrar that you will be applying for bursary assistance through Hall*Comm Trust.  Your registration will then be processed for YAS camp without payment until your request for bursary assistance is decided. 

4.    Immediately apply for funding from other sources.  For example, Canadian Tire “Jump Start” is a good place to start.  You can do so at the following web site: 

5.    Jump Start will take some time to decide whether or not to award you funding, usually several weeks. Meanwhile you will remain registered for YAS camp.

6.    If Jump Start approves your application for funding, Jump Start will notify both you and YAS coincidentally. YAS will then inform us (Hall*Comm Trust) and we will immediately pay to YAS the balance of your fees.  This is called “matched funding.”

7.    If Jump Start denies your application for funding, Jump Start will only notify you, which means that you must immediately tell YAS that Jump Start has denied your application for funding.
In this case you can either:
      a. find another source of funding to replace Canadian Tire Jump Start, or
      b. pay your YAS fee on your own.


A.    Hall*Comm Trust funding will only be awarded on behalf of youths who are not registered for or planning to register for any summer sports camp or school other than YAS during July and August 2019.

B.    The administrators of YAS have informed us that a supply of YAS 2019 Summer Basketball School brochures will be sent to every Saskatchewan school and board office during February for re-distribution to students and parents.  Schools and board office staff members have always been very good about sharing information about YAS and other professionally-headed registered non-profit charities like YAS.  However, if anyone did not receive a brochure through their school, they should email  info@yas.ca  and request one.  A YAS 2019 brochure can also be viewed and downloaded from the YAS web site at  www.yas.ca